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Acrylic Feather Earrings

Laser cut acrylic feather earrings! Handmade

Acrylic Feathers

These are laser cut acrylic

Acrylic Feathers

Laser cut acrylic 

Autumn Floral Aztec

Autumn Floral genuine leather aztec earrings

Bar Earring

Genuine Leather Bar earrings with pine cone print

Bar Earrings

Genuine Leather fall leaf bar earrings 

Bar Earrings

Genuine Leather pheasant print bar earr

Bar Earrings

Genuine Leather Fall Leaves 

Black and Tan Fringe with gold and black buttons

Black & Tan Faux Leather finge with gold and black buttons

Black Teardrops with turquoise bead accent

Black round leather cord teardrops with turquoise bead accents

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